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For the past several decades, scientists and fishery managers have continued to work to maintain and restore brook trout fisheries that have suffered from a variety of modern challenges. In recent years, improved management practices have brought many brook trout lake fisheries back to a healthy condition that was once considered unattainable. Contacts and information regarding how to implement such practices are provided below.

Lake outlet blocks
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Fall emigration -- or the movement of mature brook trout and landlocked salmon out of coldwater lakes at spawning time -- can significantly reduce populations of these large stocked fish in New York waters. Managers of private lakes and ponds can benefit from research demonstrating that the operation of lake outlet blocks during the fall spawning season will prevent the escape of mature trout and salmon.





Liming and restoration
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A slide presentation by:

William Gordon
Senior Aquatic Biologist
NYDEC, 317 Washington St.
Watertown, NY 13601

A description of the Adirondack lake liming program conducted by New York Department of Environmental Conservation staff, with an example of successful implementation in two lakes.


Brook trout pond reclamation
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A slide presentation by:

Richard Preall
Senior Aquatic Biologist
NYDEC Region 5, Rt. 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977

Details regarding how to remove non-native competitors and predators from brook trout ponds and lakes, and techniques for fish removal and re-stocking.